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When You're Attracted To Narcissists Like A Moth To A Flame

American singer song writer Aimee Mann demonstrates her understanding of the narcissistic alliance in her 2002 hit song “The Moth”, which opens with the following verse:

The moth don’t care when he sees the flame

He might get burned but he’s in the game

And once he’s in, he can’t go back

He’ll beat his wings til he burns them black

If you’ve ever found yourself drawn to a narcissist, you may just feel like a bug to light.

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Are You Settling For Crumbs In Your Relationships? 5 Expert Strategies To Help You Get The Love You Want

Oh I’m sorry. I thought you meant what you promised

People are perfectly imperfect, there’s no getting around that.

Our imperfections and peccadillos will inevitable disappoint those we love from time to time. Most people, in good faith, don’t mean to mistreat or rather “misfeed” others. Most like to treat those they care about well…

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