Conversation Coaching

Many people believe that in order to get their point across, they need to confront the other, only to learn that that almost never goes over well. Most people really just don’t know how to talk to each other and speak for vulnerable parts of themselves rather than from them. I offer conversation coaching where I help people learn to both listen and speak from their hearts. Through modeling and role playing, coaching can help you prepare for any kind of conversation no matter how difficult the subject matter is. Through our work together you will learn:

  1. How to assert yourself and ask for what you want

  2. How to set limits and say no in a way that feels kind and from the heart

  3. How to deliver news that you know the other won’t like and feel prepared to handle their push back

  4. How to work with scared and defensive parts of yourself, particularly parts that may not like hearing feedback

  5. How to speak and live your truth



$250 for one 50 minute session

$950 for four 50 minute sessions (Save $50 with advance pay)

$1900 for eight 50 minute sessions (Save $100 with advance pay)

$2800 for twelve 50 minute sessions ( save $200 with advance pay).

Coaching can be done by phone or Zoom / FaceTime.