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Welcome to the finding hope self- help and personal development online school!

In the middle of a crisis, lies an opportunity
— Albert Einstein
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These courses will give you the tools you need to heal your mind, body and spirit after heartbreak and relationship loss.

Whether the pain you are experiencing resulted from a relationship betrayal, an ending, or the long term effects of a toxic relationship, these courses will teach you how to access your inner resource of HOPE, as well as offer you a step by step healing strategy and recovery roadmap, which will help you not only rise from the ashes of despair, but also transform your life in AMAZING ways!

They say that “time heals all wounds”.

The truth is: people heal their wounds and it takes time.

  • Yes, what happened to you was not at all what you wanted.

  • And yes, it was beyond awful and incredibly unfair too!

  • But unfortunately, what is, is.

And as much as you wish things were different from what they are, agonizing and obsessing about them, is just torturous. These courses will offer you some real relief in the package of “can-do” tools and actionable steps, that if practiced consistently, in time, will help you heal your heart.

Are you up for that?

If so, be prepared to embark on an inward journey, that won’t always be easy, but will in time, reap great personal reward.

These courses will teach you the secret “how” to free yourself from your suffering now so that you can be the person you were meant to be, and ultimately, find the love you were meant to have.

And the best part about all of this is, you get to try out the mini courses for FREE, to see if they jive with what you are looking for.

I think they will. and am confident, that you will be glad you made this investment in yourself.

Wishing you great joy and success!

-Maura Matarese, M.A., LMHC, R.Y.T.

Coming September 2019

25 HopeBuilding Strategies

To Help You Heal From Heartbreak

Learn the secret “how” to start feeling better now!

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Free Mini Course

Take the first week of this course for free to see if it’s the right program for you.

You can view the full course and mini course curriculum here.

The mini course if the first week.

You can survive heartbreak and learn how to thrive in your life because of it!!!

Full Course Pre-launch Price $47

This 5 week Finding Hope Self-Help “primer course” offers: 

  •       5  expert lectures on how to heal from heart break 

  •      5 guided mediations to help sooth your soul and begin to explore all the different parts of your inner landscape, including your core vulnerabilities, defenses and beliefs

  •        5 quick fix, easy- can do- mind /body /spirit practices- to help you begin to rewire your stress response and deepen the exploration of your inner landscape and all of its “parts”

  •      5 creative self -help exercises to awaken your spirit and allow a return of playfulness and spontaneity in your life

  •      5 quizzes to reinforce your learning

  •     Plus a daily mood tracker, week-end accountability check ins, bonus self- help tips, and ideas on the right next steps for you

Full Course Learning objectives:

  1.    To develop a deeper understanding of how heartbreak and relationship trauma can both shatter your world and also offer you a golden opportunity to reinvent yourself and in-turn become a more authentic version of yourself.

  2.   To learn how to access your inner resource of Hope, which will help you both sooth and anchor yourself through your experience of pain and the processing of your loss. 

  3.    To begin to explore your inner landscape and discover the many different “parts of you” that you probably didn’t know existed, as well as the many hidden messages these parts of you want you to know.

  4.   To begin to identify any relational patterns and themes that get re- enacted in your life and how to begin to change them

  5.  To identify some next steps for you to take, including therapy (resources provided) and possible additional “Finding Hope”courses that make sense for your continued healing. 

Coming February 2020

Understanding & Ending Toxic Relationships

You CAN detox from them and discover a healthier way to love!

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Free Mini Course

The mini course will be out later this fall!

Full Course $197

This course offers 12 structured weeks of: expert lectures on toxic relationships, clinical self-help skills, quick fix mind body rescue relief practices, creative self exploration exercise, quizzes and lots of self love and care, all for the price of one therapy session!

Coming Summer 2020

How to Survive Betrayal

And Thrive in Your Life After it!

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Free Mini Course

You get to try one week of this course for free to make sure it’s a good fit.

Full COurse $197

This courses offers 12 structured weeks: of expert lectures on betrayal trauma, clinical self -help skills, quick fix mind body rescue relief practices, creative inner exploration exercises, quizzes and lots of self love and care, all for the price of one therapy session!